"Honestly, I’ve wanted to give up a lot of times. But I worked hard. I think the reason why I managed to endure it during 7 years is because I believed I would succeed if I worked hard." - Suho

San. 20. Berlin, Germany

Always stay strong.


how to be a lil bitch:

  1. look like u
  2. act like u
  3. smell like u
  4. dance like u
  5. talk like u
  6. u


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Where did this photo came from? I never seen this before..

he took it in berlin, germany

Which member is the hardest to wake up?

Ken: Once Hyuk was asleep in the car and when I went to wake him up, he responded (informally) "I'm not hungry so it's okay Ken." He was still half-asleep! So I said "Hyuk! Why are you talking to me like that?!" and he responded "It's fine! Go eat!" I was so surprised that I just said "Okay you can sleep a little more and we'll talk later." He is bad at waking up.
N: The other day Hyuk was sleeping on the sofa and I told him to shower and then go to sleep and he responded "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?"
Ravi: I told him to go shower once too and he responded "Why don't YOU shower? YOU'RE the most dirty."
(VIXX File Ep. 11)

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love is sickness, an addiction, overdose