"Honestly, I’ve wanted to give up a lot of times. But I worked hard. I think the reason why I managed to endure it during 7 years is because I believed I would succeed if I worked hard." - Suho

San. 20. Berlin, Germany

Always stay strong.
Muffin 守护 (• ε •)

Hi! :)

I got GOT7’s Group Card and I want to sell it :)
Please offer me your prices! I only accept Paypal and I ship from Germany ^^~



love is sickness, an addiction, overdose



me at the end of the school year.

i want this gif on my grave stone.

imagine gifs on grave stones.


EXO Kai XoXo (KP) [SOLD]
EXO Group Everysing A (KP) [SOLD]
EXO Group Everysing B (KP) [SOLD]
EXO D.O Mama A (KP) [SOLD]
EXO Kai Pop Up Store (KP) 10$
EXO Kris Growl (1st & KP) 35$
EXO D.O Pop Up Store (KP) 10$
EXO Kai Mama A (KP)

Super Junior Donghae Perfection (JP) 40$
Super Junior ZhouMi Super Girl (JP) OFFER
Super Junior Kyuhyun Hero (JP) 28$
Super Junior Polaroid Photos each 3$

TVXQ Group Catch Me (KP) [SOLD]
TVXQ Changmin Catch Me (KP) [SOLD]
TVXQ Yunho Catch Me (KP) [SOLD]
TVXQ Changmin Keep Your Head Down (KP) [SOLD]
TVXQ Yunho Catch Me (KP[SOLD]

f(x) Group Nu Abo (KP) [SOLD]
f(x) Amber Everysing Foto (KP) 3$
BoA Only One (KP) [SOLD]
SHINee Taemin Lucifer (KP) [SOLD]

Looking for:

Kyuhyun Sexy, Free & Single ELF Japan Jacket Size
Kyuhyun Super Girl JP Jacket Size
Leeteuk Mr. Simple JP
Leeteuk Bijin JP Jacket Size
Kyuhyun Bijin JP Jacket Size
Kyuhyun Don’t Don JP Jacket Size
Leeteuk Don’t Don JP Jacket Size
Changmin Photocards


  • prices are negotiable
  • PAYPAL ONLY (CC in € and at your own risk is possible too!)
  • I ship from Germany to worldwide (Photocards: 2USD unregistered, 6USD registered [shipping for jacket size cards will be more] )
  • if we trade, you have to ship first
  • it’s not my fault if the card gets lost on it’s way to you
  • cards will be shipped with toploader
  • contact me at: s.sanli@gmx.net or leave a message in my askbox :)
Anonymous: ANONHATE!

wow thank you n_n i’m famous enough to get anon hate. is that you hanna?


it has been 16 years and i still don’t know what to do with my hands during pictures

Hi! I have so much stuff up for sale. Please quote your own price! :)
I ship from Germany to worldwide!

- hair band with rivets
- TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Special Edition CD (damaged) with Photocard
- Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single A CD 
- Super Junior Desk Calendar 2013 [SOLD]
- Super Junior Lotte Poster 
- Aziatix Awakening CD 
- B2ST Lights go on again CD + DVD 
- ZE:A Illusion CD 
- EXO Polaroid Photos: 2x Suho + Luhan 
- Kokia CD 
- Super Junior Leeteuk Sticker Sheet 
- JYJ Park Yoochun Sticker
- Sukima Switch Arena Tour CD 
- B2ST Sticker [SOLD]
- ]Super Junior Blue World CD [SOLD]
- MyName Baby I’m Sorry CD (autographed Gunwoo/Chaejin) 
- Super Junior Leeteuk Postcards
- Super Junior Blue World Poster 
- EXO Miracles in December Poster

- CDs come without photocard
- Paypal ONLY

if you have questions feel free to ask :)
please E-Mail me if you’re interested!

Hey :)

I have Kyuhyun Sexy, Free & Single A SS4 version. It’s korean press and in mint condition!

I do accept Paypal only and ship from Germany!
Please quote your own price!

SOLD! :)

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